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Green oasis of well-being: Sustainable gardening and deceleration on balcony & terrace

Finally our new book is out! In Grüne Wohlfühloase we show you how we transformed our roof terrace into a little green paradise and grow a variety of herbs and vegetables.

In our book you’ll find:

  • Design tips for more coziness on balcony and terrace
  • DIY projects: Building raised beds, laying wooden decking, making dream catchers, building bee hotels
  • Tips for growing herbs and vegetables in small spaces
  • Application ideas and delicious recipes
  • Tips for ecological gardening and promoting biodiversity

Product Details:

  • Title: Green oasis of well-being – Sustainable gardening and deceleration on balcony and terrace – with @globusliebe
  • Authors: Julia Lassner & Patrick Endres
  • Format: Bound book, hardcover
  • Extent: 143 pages
  • Price: 20,00 Euro
  • Date of publication: 15.3.2022
  • ISBN: 3745906055
  • Publisher: Edition Michael Fischer

Green Oasis of Well-BeingOver

40 varieties of herbs and vegetables we grew on our roof terrace last season. Fresh, pesticide-free organic food that landed directly from the bed on our plates. Of course, there can never be any talk of complete self-sufficiency here, but that’s not what we’re all about.

We are proud to be able to grow some of our own food in a small space. This not only brings us closer to the cycles of nature, but it also saves transport routes and packaging. It makes us happy and that’s exactly what we want to convey with “Grüne Wohlfühloase”.

We are convinced that there is a suitable spot on every balcony, no matter how small, to grow lettuce, herbs and vegetables in a sustainable way. With our book we want to inspire you to create your own green oasis of well-being and pass on the knowledge we have acquired through trial and error, experimenting, failing and trying again.

Your feedback13

months we’ve been working on our new book, and we’re so pleased that all the time and work we’ve put into this mammoth project has paid off. We are so grateful for the terrific feedback, for all the lovely messages, links and stories about the book that have reached us in the last two weeks since publication.

Garden Season 2022With


first rays of spring sunshine, we’ve already pulled out the pallet couch seat cushions, hung up the hanging chair, and planted the cold frame. The mini pond has been awakened from hibernation and our new plant children are ready in their growing trays.

They are slowly stretching their heads towards the light. In a few weeks, they will finally be allowed out into the self-made raised beds. The anticipation for the gardening season 2022 is huge and we want to try out and experiment even more this year.


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Continue reading: https://globusliebe.com/gruene-wohlfuehloase/

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